What a great Add On! I have installed this on all my PCs, it gives me peace of mind that my children are now safe from inappropriate content. At last a company taking this issue seriously. Well done :)

- Dave

Excellent add-on! Allows for safe browsing on the web, and is very easy to use! Allows users to avoid inappropriate content on the web, making browsing safe for users of all ages. A MUST download for parents with children using the Internet!

- S Shah

Recommended it to my parents just yesterday and after less than a day of install they're commending the usage of it. So many websites my younger sibling plays games online have deceiving ads leading to 'more games' which really lead to adult-related sites. I'm glad he'll be protected on the Internet from sites like that from now on - a must for those with young children and the whole family in general!

- P R L 19

It's about time - great, simple and effective solution to parental controls. Puts the level of parental control firmly in the hands of the parents where it belongs. Allows them to easily enable and disable the controls in a secure way with a great usability. 10 out of 10 - should be pre installed on all browsers, particularly Playstations and Xboxes.

- cragpoint

Are you are a responsible parent? Do you want to block your children from easily accessing hardcore porn on the web? Then you need to install MetaSurf. MetaSuf can block your children's access to .XXX sites and will in the future be able to block access to other pornsites and harmful content.

- Sam Sethi

Protecting children from adult content

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