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To Make FaceBook & Twitter Safe For Kids

Did you know?

That Facebook & Twitter contain millions of pages filled with harmful & inappropriate content?

You can now block pages on Facebook that contain sexually explicit content with MetaCert for iOS. it works right out of the box, simply install it and enable Safe Browsing.

Whether you're looking to block adult pages on Facebook or block complete access across multiple social networks, it's that easy.

For Kids

Extra Strong

Extra Strong enables 3 levels of content blocking for added security. Websites that refer to sex-related content may also be blocked.

  • Blocks 700+ million pages of pornography
  • Filtered image and video search results
  • Better protection on sites like Facebook & Twitter.

For Adults


This setting is recommended for adults who would like to avoid pornography, without blocking other adult themes such as lingerie, sex health, etc.

It's like your own 24/7 Online Guardian

Was James really researching for his Algebra test monday on that iPad?

You don't have to wonder, you can know the time and date he visited any website.

History List

Passcode-Protected Settings - only you have the keys

Younger kids won't stumble upon options they shouldn't

Older kids won't try to hide their tracks.

Everything protected by a passcode

What else can MetaCert for iOS do?

  • Blocks 700+ Million Pages of Pornography
  • Customizable Block List
  • Monitor Browser Usage
  • Passcode-Protected History
  • English, French, Arabic,
    Chinese & Japanese Support
  • Popup Blocking
  • Pinch & Zoom
  • Private Mode (For Adults)
  • Unified Search/Address Bar For Simplicity
  • Change Search Engine
  • Bookmarks
  • Print Any Page

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